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News, Awards, and Recognition
Why the debate between Diane Ravitch and Merryl Tisch was remarkable
What currently passes for reform has caused considerable collateral damage to schools and to teacher
Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists
Why calling school reform ‘corporate reform’ is an insult to corporate reform
How to spot a fake ‘grassroots’ education reform group
What it’s like being a New York City public school teacher
‘Teachers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your rubrics.’
The renewed war on the veteran teacher
Why American Education Fails
MUST READ: Revelations of a Disillusioned reformer
Lauded Harlem Schools Have Their Own Problems
Assessing the Harlem Children’s Zone
What Hillary Clinton said about the Common Core State Standards
Hillary Clinton Caught Between Dueling Forces on Education: Teachers and Wealthy Donors
Memo by Democrats for Education Reform Looks Ahead to 2016
Beyond Education Wars
Hillary Clinton at Kirkwood Community College
Why the debate between Diane Ravitch and Merryl Tisch was remarkable (watch video)
My Position on the Senate ESEA Reauthorization Draft (Mercedes Schneider)
Educational Research Archives
Education Journals
What I Wish I Could Tell Them About Teaching in a Title I School
Coalition to “reform ed reform” holding national conference in Chicago
LAUSD college prep rule puts nearly 75% of 10th graders’ diplomas at risk
Wall Street warns Hillary Clinton: Don’t be like Ed Miliband
In British election, bashing bonuses and hedge funds didn’t work for Labour leader.
Does Anyone in Education Reform Care if Teaching is a Profession?
High poverty schools receive vast majority of state’s D and F grades
Trust: The Foundation Of Student Achievement
A Chance to End the Public School Era
The Negative Effects Of Instability On Child Development: A Research Synthesis
The Missing Half of School Reform



True School Reform Video

Public Schools for Sale?
Diane Ravitch goes toe to toe with Merryl Tisch on All in with Chris Hayes
Diane Ravitch on Corporate Education Reform
Diane Ravitch: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools
Diane Ravitch: 2014 Emerging Issues Forum
Diane Ravitch defends teachers and public education.
Diane Ravitch: Interview With Charlie Rose
What Diane Ravitch told KIPP and Teach for America, part 1
Two Minutes with Mitch Henck: True School Reform
What galvanized standardized testing’s opt-out movement


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News and Opinions from Dallas/Texas
Dallas ISD’s Mike Miles fires 3 principals despite board vote
51 schools and counting: Principal changes in Dallas ISD
Despite Imagine 2020, middle schools in South, West Dallas still struggle
Check out end-of-course STAAR scores for Dallas ISD and the state
Dallas ISD fires official who’d been accused of sexual harassment
85 job cuts catch Dallas ISD trustees by surprise
Dallas ISD investigation finds top executive engaged in ‘deceptive and dishonest practices’
Dallas ISD personnel executive charged with assaulting employee after firing her
Editorial: Mike Miles’ sharp elbows and tin ear
Does Mike Miles still have a future in Dallas after principal firings?
Mike Miles’ double standard on hiring, firing and gauging ‘professional leadership’
Editorial: DISD principal’s innovation yields results
Miles keeps backing Tonya Sadler Grayson, yet complains of negative news coverage?
Editorial: Mike Miles needs to bench troubled Dallas ISD HR official
This passenger on Mike Miles’ reform ship is practicing my dog paddling
DISD, where deceptiveness is no bar to employment
With new school board president, Miles loses a loyal defender
Title VI Complaint Against DISD (Executive Summary)
Title VI Complaint Filed Against DISD (full 76 page report)
DISD Budget Director Questions Misspent at Risk Funds
New questions about red ink at Dallas ISD
85 Dallas ISD employees dismissed after News 8 investigation
Fresh financial upheaval at DISD
Cooking the Books in DISD
Beware: A Hostile Takeover of all Dallas Public Schools is Underway


Corporate Reform 101
New data shows school “reformers” are full of it
Opinion: True education reform grapples with power issues, senseless testing mandates
True Education Reform: Community Schools And Collective Impact
REPORT: Meet The Billionaires Who Are Trying To Privatize Our Schools And Kill Public Education
Book Review: A Chronicle of Echoes
The Current School Reform Landscape: Christopher H. Tienken
The Educator And The Oligarch: A Teacher Challenges The Gates Foundation
Race to the Bottom: Corporate School Reform and the Future of Public Education Paperback by Michael V. McGill
Why is it OK to defame teachers?


Standardized Testing
New state math standards mean many kids started the year behind
Standardized Testing is not Teaching
Five things people say about standardized tests and the opt-out movement that aren’t true
‘We now know students cannot be tested out of poverty’
Teacher to lawmakers: How our testing fixation sucks the life out of the school day
Fairtest: Demands for Test Reform Escalate Across the Nation
What is the Value of the SAT and ACT?


Standardized Testing Opt Out Movement
New No Child Left Behind Reauthorization Attempt Targets Opt-Out Movement


Charter Schools
Are students better off in charter schools? State says it’s unsure
Follow the Charter Management Fees in Connecticut
Michigan: A Very Curious Story of Charter Management Techniques
Why is This Charter Management Company Still in Business?
More Privatization in Wisconsin: Legislators  Propose Additional Charters


History Lessons
The ugly reform mess in Newark public schools — by a top Newark education official
Nevada Abandons Public Education
What the heck is going on with Wisconsin public education?
Wisconsin Drops Teacher Standards in Race to the Bottom
Chicago Schools Chief Resigns Amid Federal Investigation
Is the Tennessee Miracle Unraveling?


School Reform and Civil Rights
‘We now know students cannot be tested out of poverty’
The High-Stakes Pipeline
Reduce Poverty and Ensure Equity: The Key to Education Reform Is Not the Common Core
High-Stakes Testing is a Social Justice Issue
Friedman Turns Baltimore Uprising Into Commercial for Wife’s Charter School
We Know Now Students Cannot Be Tested Out of Poverty
Civil Rights


Teach For America
Inside Information and Reflections From a Former TFA Trainer
A TFA Teacher: How I Would Like to Fix Teach For America
Learning on Other People’s Kids: Becoming a Teach for America Teacher by Barbara Torre Veltri


Early Childhood
A Review of the Common Core Math Standards for K-3


Texas Educational Politics
Lawmakers send bill requiring annual letter grades for all schools to governor
Texas lawmakers passed several school bills but not a finance fix or vouchers
Editorial: A disappointing session for education


Presidential Election 2016
Hillary Clinton Works For The Support Of An Old Ally: The Teachers Union
Appealing to Union: Hillary Clinton Calls Teachers Scapegoats
The Republicans of Democrats for Education Reform
Wow, Jeb Bush is Awful
The Screaming Hypocrisy of @GovChristie On Education


Miscellaneous Articles
Dumb Arguments About The Common Core Distract From What Matters Most
Teacher Tearfully Describes Bullying and Intimidation She Suffered for Opposing Common Core
CHURN: Thee High Cost of Principal Turnover
True Education Reform: Community Schools And Collective Impact