Pearson, Global Educational Reform Movement (GERM)

Pearson education
How germ is infecting schools around the world
Exclusive: Uncommon costs
Pearson plans to reinvent testing
Gates and Pearson partner to reap tens of millions from common core
Pearson education – Who are these people?
New World Order…school test teaches kids: “commands of government officials must be obeyed by all”
Global education reform movement
Fight the GERM
Preparing for a Renaissance in Assessment
This Article May Be Illegal – Lifting the Veil of Silence on Standardized Testing
STAAR Released Test Questions
PARCC practice test

Early Childhood (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade)

Pre-K, Kinder: Are we sending our children to ‘school’ too soon
The trouble with calls for universal high quality pre-k
A really scary headline about kindergartners
‘This really isn’t kindergarten anymore’
Will common core lead to joyless kindergarten
Report debunks ‘earlier is better’ academic instruction for young children
Kindergarten teacher: My job is now about tests and data — not children. I quit.
Oh no, virtual classes for toddlers
My first grade students take too many tests
Teacher: Common core is turning first grade into a nightmare
Head Start Advantages Mostly Gone by 3rd Grade, Study Finds
Let the Kids Learn Through Play
Kindergarten Nightmare in Georgia
Onboard The Early Childhood Express Train, But Let’s Shift Tracks



Teach For America (TFA)

Why I Stopped Writing Recommendation Letters for Teach for America
Is teach for america good for america
Don’t teach for america
Students ask harvard university to cut ties with teach for america
A professors encounter with two teach for america recruiters
Inside the real world of teach for america
Do you have five minutes to understand whether teach for america is effective
This Is What Happens When You Criticize Teach for America
Teach for America Splits the Multiculti Left
Teach for America in Denver
Teach for America and Dallas ISD – Special Delivery
I Quit Teach for America: Five weeks of training was not enough to prepare me for a room of 20 unruly elementary-schoolers.
Teach for America to reduce its classroom placements in Memphis

Dallas, We Have a Problem

Dallas: What the Sam Hill is Going on in Dallas
How to tell if your school district is infected by the broad virus
Dallas ISD senior managers broke rules to build team preliminary audit finds
Former DISD chief financial officer warned (Mike Miles) about spending
Dallas ISD teachers seek help after student suicide attempts
Fired DISD teachers want jobs back
Mass exodus of DISD teachers, end of year vacancies double
Why Are the Really Good Teachers in Dallas Resigning?
Tod Robberson: Dallas ISD’s Mike Miles ‘is irresponsible and outright wrong’ in faulting teachers for district’s problems
Investigation finds that Dallas ISD superintendent Mike Miles violated district policy and helped craft an administrator’s resignation letter that bashed his bosses
Dallas ISD superintendent Mike Miles violated policies and could face termination an independent investigation finds
Former Dallas ISD administrator Jerome Oberlton sentenced to 41 months in federal prison
DISD’s new communications chief (Jennifer Sprague) had some, eh, communications issues at her first board meeting
Rebecca Rodriguez becomes latest to leave DISD cabinet
Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles concedes mistakes, says he is open to readjusting salaries for top executives
Record number of Dallas ISD administrators make more than $100,000, analysis shows
Dallas ISD trustees discuss concerns with new teacher evaluation
Audit raises questions about validity of Dallas ISD graduation rate
Anita Connally Got Dallas ISD to Crack Down on Sports Corruption, and Then She Got Fired
Athletics Scandal Roils Dallas Schools
Dallas ISD fires top investigator for violations that it won’t detail
Deputy chief internal auditor Don Smith, who oversaw Dallas ISD investigations, is fired
Dallas ISD suspends 2 over cleaning at schools affected by Ebola case
TFA, Dallas ISD, Colonial Cronyism and the New Jim Crow
Trustee Bernadette Nutall: Mike Miles accused her of trespassing, removed from Dade Middle School
Video: Trustee Bernadette Nutall physically removed from school by Dallas ISD police
Mike Miles wants investigation into trustee Bernadette Nutall former Dallas ISD administrator (Sylvia Reyna) says
Report clears Dallas ISD trustee Bernadette Nutall of wrongdoing
Petition by Dallas ISD student: Mike Miles, you have ruined teaching
Dallas attorney says Superintendent Mike Miles encouraged him to run against Bernadette Nutall
Dallas ISD teachers and parents demand removal of Mike Miles
Dallas ISD review finds possible bullying, retaliation in HR department
Read excerpts of messages sent by Dallas ISD HR officials
Human resources scandal is part of a bigger mess at DISD
Instant messages raise concerns about $6.4M for new teachers
Two fired Dallas ISD employees say they may have been scapegoats
Dallas ISD officials deny misleading trustees in hiring request
Dallas ISD has paid $570,000 in separation agreements to administrators under Mike Miles
TEA faults dallas isd for poor background check process
Read the TEA report on violations found in Dallas ISD’s background check process
3 Dallas ISD trustees want to discuss firing Superintendent Mike Miles
Dallas ISD launches effort to improve six struggling schools
DISD’s ACE Schools Kick Weak Kids in the Teeth
Dallas ISD personnel executive charged with assaulting employee after firing her
Dallas ISD’s 2012 Principal of the Year leaving for charter school
Popular Dallas ISD principal at Rosemont Elementary to lose her job
Dallas ISD trustees face off again over Mike Miles
Miles says school underperforms, but parents plead for principal
Dallas ISD scores dip on STAAR reading exams taken in English
3 Dallas ISD trustees sue board president over superintendent meeting
Judge orders Dallas ISD board president to call special meeting Friday about Mike Miles
Dallas ISD trustee lawsuit
Judge’s ruling paves way for vote on Miles’ future in Dallas ISD
Judge Ginsberg ruling on Dallas ISD meeting
Records: DISD HR investigation was completed, not released
Dade Middle School getting its 5th principal in four years
Boot Camps, Falling Scores, Fired Principals and Higher Taxes in DISD
Dallas ISD Board of Trustees Called Board Meeting – May 1, 2015
Vote to fire Miles fails, but Dallas ISD trustees issue ‘letter of concern’
Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles is hanging on by a thread
Fewer Dallas ISD teachers than expected to get top pay ranking
Guest Column: Kevin Malonson on the tension between reform, teachers, and kids
Dade Middle School opened to much promise, constant turmoil
Can Mike Miles pass the test with Dade Middle School?
Dallas ISD trustees rebuff Miles, vote to keep Rosemont principal, 2 others
Little progress seen on Dallas ISD’s STAAR results
[UPDATED] First look at Dallas ISD 2015 STAAR report: Mostly small changes from last year, several drops from 2012
Gap widens between Dallas ISD, state averages on STAAR exams
Broad-Trained Superintendent Mike Miles: No Miracles in Dallas
Inside Texas Politics: Bernadette Nutall
Dallas ISD investigation finds top executive engaged in ‘deceptive and dishonest practices’
85 job cuts catch Dallas ISD trustees by surprise
Dallas ISD fires official who’d been accused of sexual harassment
Check out end-of-course STAAR scores for Dallas ISD and the state
Despite Imagine 2020, middle schools in South, West Dallas still struggle
51 schools and counting: Principal changes in Dallas ISD
Superintendent Mike Miles fires three principals saved by school board
DISD, where deceptiveness is no bar to employment
Miles keeps backing Tonya Sadler Grayson, yet complains of negative news coverage?
Mike Miles’ double standard on hiring, firing and gauging ‘professional leadership’
Title VI Complaint Against DISD (Executive Summary)
DISD Budget Director Questions Misspent at Risk Funds
New questions about red ink at Dallas ISD
85 Dallas ISD employees dismissed after News 8 investigation
Fresh financial upheaval at DISD
Cooking the Books in DISD




Destructive Reform Mike Miles Style


Billy Earl Dade Middle School
Dade Middle School opened to much promise, constant turmoil
Can Mike Miles pass the test with Dade Middle School?
Dade Middle School students injured after fight at South Dallas campus
Disgusted Dade Middle School Parents Meet With Superintendent
Fight at Dade Middle School prompts parent questions
Meeting with parents at South Dallas’ Dade Middle School gets heated
In Dallas, Everybody’s an Expert on Schools
In wake of brawl, can new principal at Dallas ISD’s Dade MS get student buy-in?
Editorial: Time for a real fix for Dade Middle School’s ills
Dade Middle School getting its 5th principal in four years
Trustee Bernadette Nutall: Mike Miles accused her of trespassing, removed from Dade Middle School
Video: Trustee Bernadette Nutall physically removed from school by Dallas ISD police
Dallas police investigating child sex crime allegations at Dade Middle
Exodus continues at troubled Dallas middle school
When the Levees Broke in Dallas ISD
Dade Middle School and the New Jim Crow
Dallas ISD replaces leadership team, 10 teachers at Dade Middle School
Nutall crossed a line at Dade Middle School
We need the dispute between Mike Miles and Bernadette Nutall to end
The disgusting, racist anti-Miles flier going around at Dade Middle School in Dallas
A Better Dallas ISD: Two Ideas We Can Use Today
Reasons for big change at South Dallas’ Dade Middle School
Mike Miles: the latest on dade ms and why I’m still backing the superintendent
DISD’s Mike Miles must stand firm now to bring change to city schools
TFA, Dallas ISD, Colonial Cronyism and the New Jim Crow

Petition to Fire Mike Miles

Dallas ISD board of trustees: fire Mike Miles
How to spot a sociopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job
Hitler’s guide to propaganda: the psychology of coercion
Bosses more likely to be psycho, UNT researcher finds
This DISD Teacher Remembers Jim Jones
Dallas Achieves co-chair letter to Mike Miles
Why Miles’ market-driven reforms won’t work
Dallas ISD student achievement data doesn’t support retaining Mike Miles
Miles has demonstrated little progress in the Dallas schools
Those shiny monkeys
Ethical integrity leadership – setting the tone from the top
Disruptive change – Mike Miles and the crisis in Dallas ISD
Digging into data and evidence: Mike Miles, Dallas ISD, and the trickle-down education report
The challenge of disruptive leadership in Dallas ISD