True School Reform vs Corporate School Reform

True School Reform:


  • Restores public trust to all levels of school district leadership, campus leadership, teachers and staff.
  • Increased transparency to school board of trustees and taxpayers concerning all matter relating to school district
  • Restores teaching to a highly-respected, highly-valued profession.  Teachers will be required to be fully certified (licensed) as mandated by the state.  They will be encouraged to use research-based, time- tested best practices.
  • Principals are accountable for maintaining a positive working environment for teachers and staff.
  • Children are regarded as living, growing human beings, not as a test score.  All children will have access to strong, neighborhood, truly public schools.


Corporate School Reform:


  • Wal-Martization of public education.  Billionaires throw big money into public education and expect things to be done their way.  Since advent of charter/choice schools and high-stakes testing, access to a part of the $500 billion in public education funding has become big business for entrepreneurs, with little regard for long term educational outcomes of children.
  • City mayors with little to no educational background are given control of entire urban school systems.  Bill Gates prefers this.  Mayoral control has been disastrous in every other major American city attempted.
  • Inexperienced, unlicensed teachers are hired in inner-city schools.
  • Belief that computers, through “personalized learning” (big business for software companies and Microsoft) can serve as a teacher, mentor, role model for underprivileged, disadvantaged students.
  • Increased high-stakes standardized testing in public schools.  Teacher pay for performance, based largely on standardized test results, has been implemented in many major cities, with little to no gains in student achievement.   The greatest teachers are intrinsically motivated by progress and achievement of students, not money.