True School Reform vs Corporate School Reform

True School Reform:


  • Restores public trust to all levels of school district leadership, campus leadership, teachers and staff.
  • Increased transparency to school board of trustees and taxpayers concerning all matter relating to school district
  • Restores teaching to a highly-respected, highly-valued profession.  Teachers will be required to be fully certified (licensed) as mandated by the state.  They will be encouraged to use research-based, time- tested best practices.
  • Principals are accountable for maintaining a positive working environment for teachers and staff.
  • Children are regarded as living, growing human beings, not as a test score.  All children will have access to strong, neighborhood, truly public schools.


Corporate School Reform:


  • Wal-Martization of public education.  Billionaires throw big money into public education and expect things to be done their way.  Since advent of charter/choice schools and high-stakes testing, access to a part of the $500 billion in public education funding has become big business for entrepreneurs, with little regard for long term educational outcomes of children.
  • City mayors with little to no educational background are given control of entire urban school systems.  Bill Gates prefers this.  Mayoral control has been disastrous in every other major American city attempted.
  • Inexperienced, unlicensed teachers are hired in inner-city schools.
  • Belief that computers, through “personalized learning” (big business for software companies and Microsoft) can serve as a teacher, mentor, role model for underprivileged, disadvantaged students.
  • Increased high-stakes standardized testing in public schools.  Teacher pay for performance, based largely on standardized test results, has been implemented in many major cities, with little to no gains in student achievement.   The greatest teachers are intrinsically motivated by progress and achievement of students, not money.



True Reform Select Articles

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No Funds Left Behind
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Superintendents issue ‘clear and compelling vision’ for school reform




Corporate School Reform 101

Funding “Education Reform”: The Big Three
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No funds left behind
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Follow the money
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The Gorilla in the Room: Part 2 in the Series: How did Anti-Public School Corporate Reformers become the Dominant Force in Education Reform?
Poor Children Are Just Nails to Pound



Standardized, High-Stakes Testing

John Oliver Explains Everything That’s Wrong With Standardized Testing
(watch video)
Why more standardized tests won’t improve education
Report: Big education firms spend millions lobbying for pro-testing policies
Five reasons standardized testing isn’t likely to let up
Guest Column: State testing will hurt public education
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Letter From Katy ISD
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High stakes testing
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Teaching to the Wrong Tests
Behind the Scenes of the Common Core State Standards Assessments
Slave labor in disd
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Pineapple Question
The coming revolution in public education
With teachers going to jail, we’ve raised stakes in testing. But we haven’t raised quality.
We’re educating our kids all wrong: The progressive argument against standardized-test mania
‘Exam factory’ conditions at school causing children to self-harm, says new research
Report: Big education firms spend millions lobbying for pro-testing policies
For People who Have Experienced Racism in Schools, Standardized Testing Can Seem like A Solution. But It’s Not.
Empathy v. Criticism: How to Respond to Those Who Think More Testing is Needed to Improve Public Education
What are all these civil rights groups thinking?
Eleven civil right groups urge Obama to drop test-based k-12 accountability system
High-Stakes Testing is a Social Justice Issue
By any dreams necessary
Current Test-Based Incentive Programs Have Not Consistently Raised
Student Achievement in U.S.; Improved Approaches Should Be Developed and Evaluated
SAT, ACT No Longer Required For Admission To 800 U.S. Colleges And Universities
More than 800 four-year colleges and universities do not use the SAT or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor-degree applicants.
Fairtest reports
Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing
Parents Across America opposes Common Core, PARCC and SBAC
In a shift, New York state tests now more difficult to pass than national exams
The Strangely Incurious Bill Gates: If This is an Experiment, Shouldn’t We Pay Attention to the Results?
Vietnam Wallops U.S. on Test Scores But Vietnamese Educators Scoff at Tests
STAAR Released Test Questions
Academic Excellence Indicator System Archives
PARCC practice test


Testing Opt-Out Movement

parents-canopt out
Thousands of Kids Opt Out of Standardized Common Core Tests Across U.S.
Parents all over U.S. ‘opting out’ of standardized student testing
Report: 175,000-plus N.Y. students opt out of Common Core test, more expected
Guest Column: How the ‘opt-out’ movement continues to grow
Opt out
Take your choice: the testing status quo or opt out
Opting out
Trickle of Texas parents choosing to opt children out of state testing
The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform – Texas
Texas Parents Opt Out of State Tests
Opt out of standardized tests Texas
Opting out step by step – Texas
Opting out of standardized tests
Can Houston parents say no to state-required tests?
What Happens When Students Boycott a Standardized Test?
Will schools lose federal funds if kids don’t take mandated tests? Fact vs. threat
Not my daughter: How one dad opted out his kindergartner from standardized testing
Must read: Chicago principal writes scathing letter to parents in support of opting out
AFT president Randi Weingarten endorses opt out
Common core testing is ushered in – parents and students opt out
Students in Bloomington and Normal, Illinois join to oppose parcc tests
Seattle’s policy on opting out: not so subtle coercion
Fairtest opt out reports



Teacher Pay for Performance (TEI)

ASA Statement on Using Value-Added Models for Educational Assessment
Tying teacher’s salaries to test scores doesn’t work
Teaching is not a business
Good teaching poor test scores cast doubt on grading teachers by student performance
Rating teachers not as easy as 1,2,3
Demoralizing teachers
Performance related pay doesn’t encourage performance
Performance related pay won’t motivate teachers
The folly of merit pay
A stunning graphic on the failure of test-based accountability
Dallas ISD teacher excellence initiative
Why effective teachers quit and why none are standing in the wings
An Evaluation of the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) in Chicago: Year Two Impact Report
Teacher Incentive Pay and Educational Outcomes:Evidence from the New York City Bonus Program
Top 25 Research Articles about VAMs
This is how much Dallas ISD teachers will make under performance pay
Fewer Dallas ISD teachers than expected to get top pay ranking


Past Results of School Reform Movement (History Lessons)

What We Can Learn From Dallas’ Fight Against School Privatization
Study – school reform in 3 major cities brings few benefits, some harm
The gap between school reform rhetoric and reality in 3 cities
Why almost all reform efforts have failed
Reform insanity in a single chart
Why school reform fails
Rhetoric trumps reality
4 arguments scream save public education
Teachers were never the problem
Why school turnaround experiment is failing
New Orleans recovery school district
Best and worst cities for school reform
School reform
When reforming education means destroying communities
Our public education system needs transformation not reform
The sad story of the nations first all charter district
Kristen Buras: the truth about New Orleans
Chris Christie’s bold plan to remake public schools is running into trouble
One Newark
School Reform Fails the Test
Make way, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit and Phillie!! Baltimore is gaining on you in the race to destroy public education!
We must still hate our kids: Philadelphia and “education reformers” fight demented war on elementary schools
Divide and Conquer: The Philadelphia Story


Charter Schools

prime prep
Who Is Profiting From Charters? The Big Bucks Behind Charter School Secrecy, Financial Scandal and Corruption
The great Dallas plunder
Prime prep academy troubles continue after closing
State takes steps to shut down honors academy as a charter school
Oak Cliff charter school targeted for closure under three strikes rule
The great charter rip off finally the truth catches up to education reform phonies
Charter school are cheating your kids new report reveals massive fraud mismanagement abuse
The Walmart family is teaching hedge funds how to profit from publicly funded schools
Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Charter Schools: Walton and Gates Foundations Edition
Kristen Buras: the truth about New Orleans
The sad story of the nations first all charter district
Before you can fund the charter school you have to fund an advocacy organization that can create a climate for the charter school to exist
David Hornbeck, I was wrong about charters
Stephen Dyer: compare data between charters and public schools in Ohio
Michigan: an eye opening charter scam
Las Vegas: what happens when reform is not reform but destruction
Agassi makes millions off of Tax Payers with “confidential” deals
Andre Agassi
Philly schools offer parents a choice: go charter or stay in schools with no resources
Charter frauds and scams multiply
Report: Millions of dollars in fraud, waste found in charter school sector
New Report Finds Over $200 Million in Fraud and Abuse at Charter Schools
The charter bill 1040 and the 1: an analysis
Shut down bad charter schools: Column
Charter schools still a D.C. hot-button issue
At Success Academy Schools, Polarizing Methods and Superior Results
A Former Success Academy Teacher Steps Forward to Tell Her Story
Lauded Harlem Schools Have Their Own Problems
Assessing the Harlem Children’s Zone
North Texas charter schools more likely to perform poorly, group’s rankings find
What We Can Learn From Dallas’ Fight Against School Privatization
A chance to end the public school era
Florida charter schools: big money, little oversight
KIPP’s child abuse for other people’s children
The Tip of the Iceberg: Charter School Vulnerabilities To Waste, Fraud, And Abuse
NYC will pay $10 million for charter school rent
Imagine schools sells Florida campus for $6.6 million, fined for $1 million for self-dealing in Ohio
Four Texas charter school proposals contain copied passages
“One Newark” Exemplifies Shock Doctrine
Report calling for more oversight to prevent charter school fraud draws rebuke
Fraud, Waste, and Lies: Charter Schools Cheating Communities Out of Millions of Dollars
Charter School Gravy Train Runs Express To Fat City
Gonzalez: Feds failed to keep tabs on $3B in school aid
Report: Feds Spent $3.3 Billion on Charter Industry – For What
System Failure: Louisiana’s Broken Charter School Law
While many public schools struggle, some charter chains profit
Study Finds Pro-Charter School Arguments Are More Convincing
State-approved charter schools are not shining models of success — at least not yet
Public Agenda Releases In-Depth Resources on Charter Schools
An entire Chicago community resists charter expansion







School Choice

The ugly truth about school choice
The problem with school choice
4 arguments scream save public education
Why school choice is failing
Why School Choice is Failing
Charter school promoters discover school choice catastrophe in Detroit
Index of my school choice posts so far
Mike Miles: we’re going to meet that desire parents have for school choice
Opinion: When teachers and schools compete, students lose